Adiprem / General Information / Structure and Operation
The following governing bodies, each with their own clearly defined functions, have been established to ensure the proper running and operation of the association.
The General Assembly: this is the highest governing and decision-making body of the association and is composed of all the members in the full exercise of their rights. Among its main functions are the approval of the annual budgets and the appointment of posts on the Board.
The Board: this is the permanently established body of governance, management, administration and direction of the association. Among its main functions are the appointment of new members, the drawing up of accounts and budgets and the planning of association activity.
The Executive Commission: this comprises the members of the Board (president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary) and its main function is to oversee the activities and running of the Association.
The following internal bodies have been set up to deal with the day to day work of the association, with the purpose of ensuring that the tasks incumbent on the association are carried out smoothly and effectively. It is the responsibility of the Board to determine their composition.
Advisory Council: this is a body of a consultative nature whose main functions are to advise the Board as well as to analyse and discuss proposals and action programmes.
Work groups: these are constituted for the purpose of promoting and developing the study and analysis of particular subjects.
Adiprem · Asociación Empresarial para la Salud, la Nutrición y el Bienestar Animal
(Association for Animal Health, Nutrition and Welfare)

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